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WhatsApp templates increase engagement and conversion rates

As an official Facebook ISV, we build WhatsApp platforms to drive conversations, engage consumers and offer support.

Our rich media template feature allows companies to send quick menus, images, videos and PDFs to their customers. In addition to this businesses now also have access to sending template messages that contain locations, quick reply functionality and call-to-action buttons. Benefits of media templates 1. Decreased cart abandonment or drop-offs

With the help of visual promotions and a distinctive call to action, the prospect can make clear buying decisions, leaving no room for doubts. 2. Upselling and cross-selling

Our smart virtual assistants help with data-driven product suggestions. 3. Drive conversions without increasing overhead We can reuse a template once it has been created and approved by WhatsApp in multiple campaigns. Template library

Choose from predefined, approved templates and reuse anytime. 4. Aid smart product discovery The virtual assistant can learn consumer patterns to suggest the right product at the right time. 5. Self-serve document submission and review

This functionality allows for document submission, evaluation and approval whilst keeping the recipient notified of the status throughout the process. 6. Billing, payments, tickets through interactive messages

We can show you how to use Whatsapp templates to provide enhanced customer experience to gain long-term users.

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