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Be the first to use Whatsapp rich media templates!

Buildabot announces the release of its rich media template messages for Whatsapp.

As an official Facebook ISV, Boomerang helps you build WhatsApp platforms to drive conversations, engage consumers and offer support. Our rich media template feature allows companies to send quick click menus, images, videos and PDFs to their customers. In addition to this, businesses now also have access to sending template messages that contain locations, quick reply and call-to-action buttons. Template types that are now available:

Contact us to send account statements, invoices, boarding passes via PDF or images and videos that contain receipts, how-to tutorials or order confirmations all via Whatsapp! Are you ready to see how Boomerang can elevate your business and improve your customers’ lives? Reach out to us and we’ll schedule a live demo of our bot builder.

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